“You’re too young to have that many kids”

I remember when people said that to me. “You can’t have 3 kids, you look so young!” they would say. What a wonderful thing to say! I would immediately think about how young I must look to people. I reveled in how much my body had bounced back from my first baby..and then my second. I swore I would never have “mom butt” and that no one would ever be able to pick me out of a crowd as the person most likely to drive a mini-van. But then it happened…I realized the other day that no one has said that to me in ages!! It’s literally been years. At some point, I must have crossed over. Now, I DO look like I have 3 kids. Probably more like I have eight. No one tells me how I do “such a good job keeping it together” – probably because I really don’t. I imagine it’s my comfy sweatshirt or my New Balance Sneakers. Maybe it’s how I brag about my house being “dog-hair tumbleweed free”(because I vacuumed.) Perhaps, reciting every episode of “Wife Swap” ever broadcast is not what “the kids” are doing these day. Who cares I say! I probably was “too young to have that many kids”. I’m still hoping that one day..when it’s really dark out and I’m standing far away, someone will yell across the dollar store parking lot “you’re too young to have that many kids” and I’ll be 26 all over again!