Turd In Her Pocket………..

My sister e-mailed me today. Normal chat. She told me how her kids were doing. They are five and two. She wrote about when she’s coming to visit again and asked me how my kids were doing. Nothing out of the ordinary. I figured I would talk to her the next day or so. Oddly, though, she ended the letter with…………. “Did I mention I carried a turd around in my pocket yesterday? I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.” Part of me thought, “Oh, yeah, turd in the pocket. Never did it, but I could see how that might happen.” Then I thought …….”WHAT????” When in my life did this become normal chatter? When did that phrase no longer seem odd to me? Somewhere between squeezing my boobs into a push up bra in college for free beer and my last big night out going food shopping alone, this became part of my every day. I’m looking forward to the story. I’m sure it will make me smile and cringe at the same time. I accept that these are the stories of my life…………..but I don’t have to like it.