Turd In Her Pocket……Part II

I rarely do “sequel” posts but I thought that “Turd In Her Pocket” left too many people hanging. Turns out the story was completely plausible. Just as I thought. But maybe that’s only because I’m a mom. Here goes: My sister had taken her son to the store. Of course when they arrived she realized that her son had pooped. To her frustration, she realized that she didn’t have any diapers with her. She only had to run in the store quickly so she figured she would just scoop out the log with wipes (sorry to be so graphic but you get the drift) and throw it in the trash can outside the store. All was well with the plan until she ran into a friend in the parking lot. Not an “I can tell you everything” friend but a “let me pretend I have my life together” friend. Just as she was trying to pretend she was leading a normal stable life it dawns on her that she has a turd in her pocket. In her rush to “get in and get out” of the store she had forgotten the most important part of her excellent plan. The part where she and the turd separate. It was still in her pocket. So now, the entire time they are talking, she is thinking, ” Can she smell the turd in my pocket?”. It’s moments like this that define motherhood. Because, before having kids, if you ever had a turd in your pocket you would run, scream, tear off your jacket and get as far away as possible. But in motherhood…you stand your ground. You ponder what choices you made that brought you to this moment in your life. But in the end, you just take it in stride. Because right after that embarrassment subsides……you need to figure out what’s for dinner.