This is for charity

americangirldollMy daughter chopped off her hair a few years ago so she is not allowed to use scissors without asking an adult. I was busy cleaning up when she came over and asked me if she could cut her American girl dolls hair. Now, she doesn’t really have a real American girl doll. It was just a cheap knock-off I found at the store so when you brush her hair it just “fro’s” out and keeps growing sideways. She asked me 10 different ways if she could cut it and my answer was always an adamant “no”. It was at this point that she turned into a child genius. She realized that her direct approach was not working so she thought for a second, looked up at me with her puppy dog eyes and said….”mom, it’s just that my doll wants to donate her hair to locks of love…and so this is really to help poor sick kids”. I couldn’t believe it! This 6 year old had found her way around a mom’s “NO” with a bid to help kids with cancer. I’m proud of my baby. She still wasn’t allowed to cut the doll’s hair but I like her spunk.