The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

pooh-nativity1 The school Christmas pageant is pure Christmas genius. How can you not love it? A bunch of stressed out parents jammed into an auditorium, and 24 different costume interpretations of what the manger animals and three wise men looked like. This year we had cows, donkeys and chickens too. (I didn’t even know there were chickens at the nativity.) Unfortunately, no one in the audience did either and there is no easy way to make a homemade chicken costume look real. Most of them just put feathers on there heads…but depending on how they are arranged they can look more like Indians than chickens. It was great though. We all know the story… Jesus…the manger…no room for a bed…but you add some Indians to the equation and now you’ve got my attention. My son’s class were stars. They had ordered their costumes from one of those catalogs and they were pretty cheap. Unfortunately, when they put their costumes on and had that little point of the star on top of their heads…from far away they looked like Hershey Kisses. And then I was just hungry. Then the Three Kings arrived. To my surprise…they had Winnie the Pooh with them! I SWEAR… There was a child in that Pooh brown color with little ears on top of his head and a tail. Maybe Winnie was at the Nativity! What a completely new and interesting twist on this year’s Nativity. Gold, Frankincense and Honey. Someone whispered “it’s a camel” but in my mind, it was Winnie. So great job this year Teachers!! Keep it up. Maybe next year you could add some chocolate, that new Disney Princess and Regis Philbin. I swear I will come early and sit right up front.