Save the Girls Touch Screen Purse

Save the, was formed as result of one woman’s determination to create a convenient (and adorable!) alternative to the phone-in-bra habit that can have far reaching benefits.

We are HUGE fans of Tami Lange, CEO of Save the Girls. Her story began when her sister in law – who kept stashing her phone in her bra was diagnosed with breast cancer. She couldn’t find a purse that made cell phone use without a hassle possible, so she created one to make it easy for women to have a place besides their bras to keep their phones.  And if that isn’t cool enough, she donates 10% of the company’s profits to breast cancer research.  (Um, if we can’t love someone who makes awesome purses AND supports a charity that directly benefits women, who can we love?!)

So here are a few reasons we love the Save the Girls Touch Screen Purse. First and foremost, any product designed to help us maintain the health of our girls (The “girls” are your boobs) gets a thumbs up.  Add to that functionality (we can fit our phones, credit cards, a bit of cash and our passports in these cute little purses, so they are awesome for travel!) and a cute assortment of designs and colors, and we’re all in! Take a look:

*Please consider that while this may not influence your purse buying decisions at all, Missy’s dog ate hers, so it’s worth noting that they are also apparently delicious!



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