Throwing up NBC 10 news

daisy throwupWhat is it with life?….Why is it that you clean every part of your house right before the NBC news crew arrives (so that you look like you have a semi-presentable house) just for the dog to throw-up at Dawn Timmeney’s feet right as you sit down for the interview!!! Really?!? The dog couldn’t have picked a different part of the house? She couldn’t have thrown-up right BEFORE they showed up….no, she waited until the camera guy set up the shot….I got mic’d and we literally sat down. Do you know what kind of timing that requires? Do you know how much grass she had to eat in the yard to get that kind of on-demand vomit? Seriously, I think she did it on purpose!! I wanted to try and act like it wasn’t there or that Bob the cameraman had done it right before I had walked into the room. But Dawn wasn’t buying it. So now, I was forced to clean it up with papertowels, shove it all in an old acme bag and spray Febreze like no tomorrow. And that Febreze smell was not only battling dog throw-up but the 20 scented candles Jimmy made me light around the house to get rid of the wet dog and dirty kid smell around our house. All in all though…I guess it went well. Between the dog throw up and toilet flushing in the background I’m hoping they got something useful for their segment. Check it out at 11:00 pm either tomorrow (Wednesday) or Thursday night.