My Mom’s Milkshake

My mom’s cell phone finally fell apart and died the other day. She was dedicated to using her 1982 flip phone with the long antenna and was refusing to enter the age of data plans. Since she refused to pay for anything extra other than the ability to make calls, I thought I would give her one of my old phones that has a side flip keyboard in case she decided to text someone. (long shot) I thought there was a way for the phone company to wipe out all my old data such as pics/video, contacts and ringers but apparently that didn’t happen. She seemed fine with looking at my old pics and kept talking about how she might reach out to some of my old friends. (creepy) Soon after activating my phone my mom headed down to Virginia to visit my sister. When she arrived my sister heard a weird song playing at the house and was wondering where it was coming from. My mom told her “You know, I don’t know what that is…but that song’s been playing everywhere I go!” My 65 year-old mom had apparently been running around town with the ringer going off not knowing that she had to answer the phone to make the song stop. So instead of answering the phone she just let everyone around her enjoy the loud rendition of “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” emulating from her old lady purse. My sister and I have thought about changing the song but there is something poetic about it especially since she doesn’t understand the lyrics. There’s just something about watching an old lady in the mall answering her phone with a dirty song ringer that’s just fun. Every time the phone rings she just exclaims, “Ooh, I love milkshakes!”