My Birthday Flowers

This past week I celebrated my birthday and learned a few things. 1. Anyone who wishes you a Happy Birthday is lovely…especially when they don’t include the number with it….like “Happy Birthday, Dena” not “Happy X Birthday” (unless they say 21st, which is fine and surprisingly close to my actual age) 2. It is perfectly fine to eat cake for breakfast on your birthday…and the day after your birthday, without sharing it with your kids. If they are going to make me watch i-Carly reruns at 7:30am, I’m not sharing my birthday cake. And 3, Getting flowers on your birthday is amazing! I was lucky enough to receive 4 vases of flowers on my birthday and I was ecstatic. Somehow though as I got each one my reaction changed. This is how you know you are getting old. You can’ t just enjoy the flowers for their beauty. Here is a pic of my flowers and my reaction from my Anderson Crew. Such a surprise and so lovely! Second flowers….this is the best day of my life! Third flowers..I’m so flattered! Fourth Flowers….Am I dying? Did my doctor tell you guys something? How long do I have? Many thanks to all my lovely friends and family, D