Movie Night With Daddy

While I was working last week in Atlantic City, my husband, Jimmy, had a movie marathon with the kids every night. On New Year’s Eve, I came home and my ten year old son came running to the door saying he wanted to sleep in my bed that night. He said he had just watched “The Knowing” and was totally freaked out. Jimmy played it down but I’ve since met grown men that said they had peed the bed after watching that movie. His defense was that it was PG-13. The conversation went like this…. “He’s ten,” I reminded him. “What’s the difference?” he argued. “Three….as in Three Years,” I screamed!!! (And maybe some body hair…This kid is barely out of Spiderman underwear and still orders Happy Meals. ) Next week, I’m going to make my five year old daughter watch “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” It’s about time she grew up……………….