Me and my jiggle..

Tucking the girls into bed should be a warm, loving mommy experience…that is, until the little brats ruin it! I was tucking my daughter, Brooke, into bed when her sister, Jacqueline breaks out into mad laughter. I love a good laugh so I ask her “What’s so funny?”. She replies “Your arms… they jiggle so much”. At which point Brooke (laughing hysterically) chimes in with “They do. They jiggle like your butt jiggles.” WHAT!!??? My first thought is “Why are you looking at my butt?” until I realize when standing upright that’s really all they see. My second thought is “Does it jiggle that much?” and then I realize that means that not only do I have arm jiggle but it’s reaching levels of ass-jiggle. I have ASS-JIGGLE arms!!! No one should have to endure this kind of torment. My only solace is knowing that in 30-some years they, too, will have ass-jiggle arms. I’ll be pooping my pants in a nursing home but guess who’ll be laughing then!!