Kohl’s Best backpack EVER!!!

I’m not a big shopper but I do LOVE a great deal. Kohl’s has a great deal on the BEST BACKPACK EVER this week!!! Four years ago I purchased a FUL backpack for my son at the end of the back to school season. It was on sale for 39 bucks at Target. I usually don’t spend that much on a bag but there weren’t many other options. I figured that he would use if for 2 years and we would at least get our monies worth. FOUR YEARS LATER the bag looks brand new!!!

I love his bag and decided last year to do the same thing for my daughter. FUL doesn’t have a lot of “pretty” girl designs but I did find a sturdy bag in the High Sierra brand at Kohls. WELL….they are now ON SALE at Kohls and you can use a 15% coupon (promo code HEATWAVE) and get it for about $38 dollars!!! (It’s normally a $90 bag)

Here is a pic of my daughter’s bag from last year (On the right, I washed it on the last day of school) and the new purple one for my daughter Brooke.


If you’re tired of buying a new bag every year this one is perfect!!! Brooke’s even has a computer pocket for when she goes to college. She’s in third grade now so that’s roughly 4 bucks a year for a backpack she will keep forever. LOVE IT!!! LOVE KOHL’S!!!!

Click here to go to there website. You will pay a few bucks in shipping if you order online. I went to the store 2 days ago a picked up Brooke’s. Saved a bunch!!