The other night I came home late from my show in Atlantic City and the house was dark. Everyone was asleep. I opened the door and like a little school girl I had this tinge of excitement in my stomach. Could I have the house to myself?! I had just bought a foot massager from Brookstone and I knew that my favorite apple cake was in the fridge. I put on the TV, set up my massager, and went for a piece of cake. Frankly, the cake was huge and I only really like the top part. So, I turned it over and cut the top of the cake off. Then, I proceeded to place my feet in the massager, stuff my face with apple cake and watch an entire episode of Inside the Actors Studio (with no kid interruptions). This was one of the most beautiful moments in my life……up there with getting married and having kids. Three things that I love most in life were granted at once….silence, a foot massage and apple cake-top. I cried a little that night…………….