Say Boo to a Bee by Guest Blogger, Lisa from Jersey

My 7 year-old son has become what I like to affectionately call a “creeper”. Ever since he turned 6 he has become obsessed with boobs. One day, shortly after his 6th birthday he informed me that all the girls in 8th grade have the biggest boobs in the school. He also told me that Daddy’s boobs (I think the correct term is “moobs”) were bigger than most of the girls’ in 8th grade. Since this new obsession, he has been creeping around me trying to get a flash of what my boobs really look like under my shirt. Sure, he’s tried the less invasive tactics like just asking me- “Mommy can I see what your boobs look like under your pajamas?” or simply trying to look down my shirt (just like his father!) but this has not quelled his curiosity. Now, the sicko has resorted to creeping around when I am getting dressed trying to catch a glimpse of these elusive breasts. This morning, he crept into the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower. My quick, cat-like reflexes shielded my naked body with a towel but one of these days the boobs will be unleashed. So, I’ve decided on a new plan of defense. I am going to show him my boobies. I am sure that if he is not immediately horrified, it will be an image that will scar him for the rest of his lifeā€¦and doesn’t the little perv deserve that?