Grandmom Irene Zippilli’s Ice Box Banana Pudding

Grandmom Irene Zippilli’s Ice Box Banana Pudding

8×8 or 9×9 square pan


2- cups Kinnikinnick Gluten Free- Kinni Kritters Animal Cracker Cookies OR Kinnikinnick Vanilla Wafers- crushed. or your favorite cookie crushed, i.e. gram crackers, sugar cookies etc. Should be about 1 1/4 crushed crumbs (you could also use premade cookie pie crust)

1- Tablespoon melter butter

1- 4.6 oz Jello vanilla cook and serve pudding

3- Cups skim milk

2- Large Ripe Bananas

1- 8 oz tub of Cool Whip Lite


  1. Cook pudding according to package directions in the microwave. Cook for 8 minutes- stirring every 2 minutes until thickened. Cover bowl with saranwrap to prevent “film” forming on top. Cool.
  2. Put 2 cups of Gluten Free cookies in gallon bag and crush with rolling pin. Roll to make finer crumbs. In glass 8×8 put 1 tablespoon butter. Put in microwave about 10/15 seconds to melt. Pour in crumbs- mix well and pat in bottom of dish. Put in fridge until pudding is cool.
  3. When pudding is cool- cut 2 ripe bananas into 1/4″ pieces- set aside. Pour 1/2 cool pudding into prepared crust. Top with banana slices. Pour remaining pudding on top. Top with Cool Whip Lite- refrigerate until ready to serve.

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