First Blog

myfirstblogSo this is it…..I’m a Blogger. Augh. I hate when people think that someone else cares about what they have to say. I don’t. Unless it’s funny. So here it is… my first Blah-g. And I’m spelling it that way because that’s how I feel most days tired and “Blah”. If you’re here to be uplifted. Leave now. I’m not your comedy b*tch. These are just my thoughts and daily life. Now you’ll know why I’m a comic. It’s all real. And that’s sad. Over the summer, I was getting ready for one of my shows on a Saturday night and I had to run out and get a printer cartridge for my computer. It was early in the morning and I planned on showering before I left for the show so I threw on a pair of jogging pants, a red shirt (aka wife-beater, you know you have one, you just don’t wear it outside the house like me- I don’t care) , a pink Phillies hat, my glasses and some flip-flops. Now, normally I wouldn’t go out in public like this but I was tired, stressed and didn’t really care at that point. ANYWAY, I run over the Staples, get the cartridge and stand in line….when I get up the cashier she looks at me and says “is that all you need today, SIR”!!!!!!! “SIR”, Freaking SIR????? Did I look that bad? I mean I still have breasts and the hat was clearly pink. SIR!!!!! Really. I tried to look at the lady standing in line behind me to give her the “ I can’t believe she just called me that look” but now, she wouldn’t even look at me- which then begs the question… “Do I look like a Sir?!!” I’ve been called a lot of things but never “SIR”. As if I don’t already think I’ve lost all my feminine charm since having kids but really…SIR. I would have rather she just called me FAT. That would have hurt less. And of course, I made the mistake of telling my family… now they call me “Uncle Dena”. My life sucks.