End of the Year Thoughts….

I’m so tired right now. Working a lot…the kids out of school…not a great combination. I thought I would write a poignant review of the things I’ve learned over the course of 2009 but I’m just too tired.

What I’m thankful for… I have a healthy family. I am thankful. I have a nice warm home. I am thankful. I have a job I love and someone pays me for it (sometimes). I am thankful. Things I would like to change in 2010….. Why does my dog smell like Fritos? I bathe him but he always seems to smell like Fritos. Not Doritos or those yummy kettle chips. Just Fritos. It’s starts as just a general “stinky dog” smell but eventually always ends up as Fritos. I like Fritos…just not licking my face. His name is Coco…but now I call him “Fritos”. I would like to do the laundry and not find Polly Pocket legs in my dryer lint trap. It’s not even a whole leg…it’s only from about the knee down. I don’t know how she gets there or how the leg gets dismembered. But I would like it to stop. Lastly, I would like my husband to stop eating the following food items: sauerkraut, kielbasa and asparagus. I married him “for better or for worse” but I did not realize these food items and his colon would be involved in the “til death do us part” contract. These are my wishes for 2010. Time for bed….I think I smell Fritos.