Dena’s Bio – Described by her children: Dean age 9, Jacqueline age 6 and Brooke age 3.

Our mom is funny. She is Miss NJ not true, she was but that was a long time ago. She always makes us eat our vegetables. She’s fun to play with. She drives a big white van. She used to be on QVC. She has 5 pocketbooks. She has 3 kids and she taught me (Dean) how to play baseball. She does a lot of comedy. She is on a magazine. She loves her children. She used to have a thousand of jobs but she quit- like QVC, Real Simple and the Radio. She used to work at Emeril. He gave us icecream.She was the host of the Miss America Pageant. She is named after our Grandmom. She used to be a waitress but she gave the guy a ladle to eat soup with, instead of a spoon¦She doesn’t work there anymore. She does the laundry and tickles us. She is a good cook and cuddler. She rubs our heads when we get sick and she lets us sleep in her bed. She likes to pet Daisy. Our Mom has black hair, black and white skin and she wears fancy shoes. She has brown eyes and a squishy butt. We saw the Liberty Bell with her and Dad.