Kahlua and Lactaid

kahluaI’m not proud of this but this is my story….. I’ve been working a lot lately so when I got home Friday night I spent whatever energy I had left with the kids, so by the time they went to bed I was…done. You know the feeling of “done”. It’s when dog hair is left to float around as un-vacuumed tumbleweeds; shoes, toys and coats are left on the floor and the Friday night pizza leftovers will be left out on the counter til morning. At that point all I could think about was the couch and maybe a stiff drink. Jim was gone for the night and so I was dreaming about the Kahlua he had bought for me earlier in the week. I don’t drink much but when I do I like Kahlua and Cream. The walk to the fridge was like a final sprint to the victory line. I had survived another long week of work and nothing was going to taste better at that moment then Kahlua and Cream. I opened the door…spotted my friend “Kahlua” and noticed that he was alone. There was no milk, no cream..nothing. I began to panic and my mind quickly went over the options. The kids were in bed so I couldn’t run out and the only thing left in the fridge was applesauce and my daughters Lactaid Milk. Yeah, I said it…Lactaid. My daughter has a major problem with gas and we suspect a lactose issue so it was only thing left in the house that was “milk-ish”. I thought about it…but ironically not for a long time…and poured my first “Kahlau and Lactaid”. It wasn’t that bad especially if you make it 9 parts Kahlua and 1 part Lactaid. I’m sure the Lactaid people never had this in mind for their “20 recipes you can make better with Lactaid” booklet but maybe it’s time for them “think outside the box”. I’m pretty sure you think less of me now….but I’m okay with that.