IMG_8818My son Dean takes his bath at night now so when I tucked him in the other night I asked him if he had put his deodorant on. He is 12 now so we are talking more about personal hygiene lately. He said he had forgotten so he quickly got up, reached over to his nightstand and “dabbed” on his deodorant. Now, it wasn’t the dab that got me so much. I mean, I usually see deodorant going on in “strokes” so the “dab”, while odd, wasn’t what caught my attention. It was the fact that he didn’t “dab” anywhere ACTUALLY near his armpit. He dabbed under his arm somewhere between his shoulder and his elbow. I said “what are you doing?”. He said, “I’m putting my deodorant on” with a confused, “why are you even questioning my dab” look on his face. I said “You planning on putting the deodorant in your armpits?” He said, “I did.” “No, you didn’t”, I said. “You put in somewhere between your shoulder and your elbow….. your “shelbow” I suppose…but nowhere near your pits. Deodorant is not made for shelbows, Dean. It’s made for pits…because that’s the part that stinks. Shelbows don’t stink.” Now, I don’t really know what shelbows are. Frankly, I may have just made them up but what I do know is that they don’t stink. So “dabbing” your shelbows…well, kind of a waste of time. Sometimes, moms raise children who lead nations, others forge new territory for human rights. Me….I’m sticking with the basics. It’s clear to me that some lessons that we may think are “no-brainers”- like “where are my pits?” are still up in the air.