2011 New Year’s Resolution

Okay, so I’m am 31 days past due on my New Years resolution which was to start blogging everyday (or close to it). After I get done all the laundry, baths and homework with the kids my brain is fried so please keep that in mind when reading these entries. They will most likely be angry, misspelled and inappropriate…hope they make you smile. Yesterday while shopping in Target they were playing the “Hop on the bus, Gus. Make a new plan, Stan. Don’t need to be coy, Roy” song. (That’s not the name of the song but you know which tune I’m talking about.) My son was with me and with much excitement he tells me this song has inspired him to write his own song. All my kids play piano so I thought “wow, this is great! Kind of a weird song for inspiration but he finally is getting into music.” He then tells me that he is going to write a song called “Get on the plane, Wayne”. Same rhythm. Similar lyrics…but just including “Wayne”. Now, I don’t want to kill a kids’ dreams or anything but it’s at these moments that I look at my kids and think….”there may be something wrong with this one”. I explained to him that Jack, Roy, Stan and Gus had kind of covered the issue of “leaving your lover” and that it might be a waste of time to add Wayne to the mix. He seemed oddly offended, like I was somehow killing his dream. Years from now, long after he has given up this idea and someone else grabs up this “Wayne on a plane” concept and wins a Grammy he will blame me for stifling his talent in aisle C-3 (curtain rods) at Target. One of a mom’s hardest jobs is the teach your kids to reach for the stars….the second hardest is telling them that their star is dumb and they should reach for a different one. Happy New Year everyone!!!